three dimensional architectural & interior visualization

virtual reality

Virtual Reality Panoramas or “VR pans” are a newer form of architectural renderings. They allow the viewer to navigate around a 360 degree spherical space. VR pans can be linked together to form a web of pans, allowing the viewer to choose where to view the building, or they can be linked to a floor plan. Clients have increasingly used VR pans as cost effective substitutes to animations. The applications for VR pans are websites and Powerpoint presentations.

A VR pan process begins with receiving a floor plan and elevations of a project. These can either be sketches or CAD files. After selecting the view and receiving the needed materials from the client, Design Artisans creates a model study for the client to examine. After necessary corrections to the model, view and materials are made, a high resolution image is rendered. This process usually takes approximately a week for a single panorama, but can be shorter depending on the client’s needs.

viewing QuickTime virtual reality (QTVR) movies

  • To pan through the image, drag the cursor through the scene.
  • As you move the mouse over a hot spot, the cursor changes to an arrow. Click the hot spot to jump to a new scene.