three dimensional architectural & interior visualization

3d renderings

3d renderings or "still images" are the mainstay of computer presentations. They include exterior, interior, daytime, nighttime, and many other views of buildings and products. The applications range from Powerpoint presentations, site-boards, framed artwork, billboards and everything in between.

A rendering process begins with receiving a floor plan and elevations of a project. These can either be sketches or CAD files. After selecting the view and receiving the needed materials from the client, Design Artisans creates a model study for the client to examine. After necessary corrections to the model, view and materials are made, a high resolution image is rendered. This process usually takes approximately a week, but can be shorter depending on the client’s needs.

viewing QuickTime virtual reality (QTVR) movies

  • To pan through the image, drag the cursor through the scene.
  • As you move the mouse over a hot spot, the cursor changes to an arrow. Click the hot spot to jump to a new scene.